The Domain Registration Policy gives applicants plenty of choice for names, but there are some restrictions.

Of course, it is not possible to register an illegal name and we detail in an article what types of names should be chosen with special care. However, there are special names or groups of names that cannot be chosen or can only be chosen by specific applicants.

Second level subdomains

These are names that are already registered, but you can request a domain registration under them. The full list of the second level subdomains under .hu is this:* 
második szintű közdomainek listája

*Only domain names that are the trademark of the applicant can be chosen under

So, if the name of my company is for example Accountantcompany Ltd., but is already registered, then I can choose or

The name of a second level public domain usually shows what types of companies and organizations should register a domain name under them, but there is no restriction except for the above mentioned

Protected names

There are two types of protected names:

1. Protected names under all public domains

These names cannot be registered under any public domain, so neither directly under .hu nor under second level public subdomains (e.g.,,, etc.).


Although the above names cannot be registered, but under some of them you can register a domain. These are:,,,,,, which are second-level public domains. See the second level subdomain paragraph above for more information.

*Names can also be registered under, see the related rules down below.

2. Names protected under .hu only

These names cannot be registered as .hu domains, but they can be registered under any of the second level public subdomains.


So names like domain or can be applied for.

Hungarian settlement names

Only the local government is entitled to register a domain name identical to the Hungarian name of a settlement.

If a municipality has an official name in the language of a minority, only the local government is entitled to register the corresponding domain name too. You can find the resolution in priciple of the Advisory Board in this regard here (Hungarian only).

Thus, even the local minority self-government cannot register the minority language name of the given settlement as a domain name. We recommend that in such a case the minority self-government agrees with the local government that the local government registers the name and give it to the minority self-government to use.

Country names

Only the official representation of a country is entitled to register a domain name that is the same as the name of the country in Hungarian and English.

The domain is reserved for the public sector, as it is almost everywhere in the world. The delegation of to a state organization designated for this purpose by the state (NISZ Zrt.) took place back in November 1996.

This gives the current government the opportunity to register the ministries and state organizations under and to decide about the subdomains under .gov.

An added benefit is that citizens can be sure that if they come across a domain under, it is really backed by an official, governmental organization or company. This can increase the security of services provided by public organizations.

Domain applications under must be submitted to NISZ Zrt. Neither the registrars nor the Registrar have a role in domain registrations under

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