Domain procedures are procedures for registering and maintaining a domain. In connection with the maintenance of the domain, it is an important obligation of the regsitrant to notify the registrar as soon as possible of any changes in their data (e.g., name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.) that the registrar to apply the changes in the registry.

Information on the procedures is provided below and on the related pages.

Registering a new .hu domain

The most important steps in registering a new domain:

  • checking the avaliability of the chosen name,
  • choosing a registrar, and
  • signing up with the registrar

I register my own domain!

The detailed process for registering a .hu domain is described here.

The domain application criteria are outlined here.

Procedures concerning changes to a domain

It is important that if something changes in connection with a domain (e.g., some data of the registrant, the registrant themself, or the registrar), the data in the register should be modified accordingly, as soon as possible.

A domain can either be:

  • document-based registered, or
  • confirmation procedure-based registered.

In both cases, the registrant communicates with the registry through the registrar.

In the case of document-based domain registration (all domains registered before 1st of July 2020 are of this kind), modifications always require different documents, while in the case of confirmation procedure-based registration the changes are confirmed by registrant using their email address (and possibly their telephone number), no documents are required.

The procedures are described here:

Transfer of delegation, changes in registrant’s name

Here we highlight one of the most important changes related to the domain name, when the name or person of the registrant changes. This may be due to a transfer, name change, succession or other reasons. In such a case, it is important that the change is recorded in the register as soon as possible, as the legal registrant is the one lieted here.


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