1. General rules

A domain applicant can be a natural person (private person) or a legal person (eg a company, association, municipality, etc.).

Citizens and legal entities of any country can apply for a domain name under a second level public domain (eg something.co.hu).

To register a domain, the domain applicant (or the administrative contact person) must have a Hungarian postal address. Some of the registrars provide this as a service.

2. Citizens of which countries can apply for a .hu domain name as a natural person?

The following natural persons with non-Hungarian citizenship can apply for a .hu domain name:

  • a) Citizens of the European Union, the Council of Europe, the EEA or EFTA member states, as well as the countries bordering Hungary, can apply for the domain directly under .hu (eg something.hu). The list of countries can be found here.
  • b) any natural person holding a permit for domiciliation in Hungary

Domain Applicants must be natural persons over 18 years old except in cases of legal succession specified in law (e.g. heritage).

3. Which countries’ organizations (legal entities) can apply for a .hu domain name?

The following legal entities from outside Hungary can apply for a .hu domain name:

  1.  a) any legal entity
    • i) established by virtue of law,
    • ii) entered in the Register of or registered with an authority or court, or
    • iii) filing its respective application with the competent authority or court and commencing its operations pursuant and according to the law prior to such entry or registration,

in the territory of the European Union, of the Council of Europe, an EEA or EFTA country or a neighbouring country of Hungary. The list of countries from which a .hu domain can be registered can be found here.

b) furthermore, the beneficiary of a trademark either registered with the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office or protected otherwise that is also applicable in Hungary.

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