Protection of private interests in the .hu namespace

In the case of the requested domain names, the Registry is not obliged, but is entitled to check whether they comply with the requirements of the Domain Registration Policy.

The Registry has previously followed the practice of scrutinizing claims and, in some cases requested a document certifying the right to use the name. Several expressed dissatisfaction with the practice and blamed the Registry for overprotecting private interests.

As a result, the Registry control is no longer at the system level, the protection of private interests becomes more and more the responsibility of those concerned. The .hu regulation provides several possibilities for this. For example, the domain names requested are only conditionally delegated and announced for 8 days, during which time a complaint can be filed against delegation at the Consulting Board. For already delegated domain names, the Registration Decision Maker is the alternative dispute resolution option.

Therefore, the fact that most names can be registered faster does not mean that the Domain Registration Policy allows the registration of any name. Please choose a name that does not infringe on the legitimate interests of others