The revocation or transfer of a registered domain name from the Registrant may be initiated by a Complainant who has the right to use the name by lodging a complaint to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum. A Complainant may initiate a procedure against only one Complainee (Registrant), but the procedure may concern several domain names. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum decides whether to merge or split cases. The decision will be made in a one- or three-member procedure of the Registration Decision Maker, according to the choice of the Complainant. 

If the Complainant has requested a single arbitrator but the Complainee requests that the proceedings be decided by a panel of three arbitrators, the Complainee must indicate this in its reply and pay any associated fee difference.

The procedural fee is HUF 150,000 + VAT, i.e. HUF 190,500 per domain name for a single arbitrator, and HUF 200,000 + VAT, i.e. HUF 254,000 per domain name for a three arbitrator procedure. A discount is granted depending on the number of domains, so for the 2nd to 10th domains included in the procedure, a 50% discount is granted (i.e. the procedural fee is HUF 75,000 + VAT, i.e. HUF 95,250 or HUF 100,000 + VAT, i.e. HUF 127,000 per domain name), and from the 11th domain onwards, the procedural fee is not increased. 

Important practical information on how to initiate the procedure of the Registration Decision Maker:

In the case of a natural person Complainee: as the complaint must include the name of the Complainee (Registrant), and for privacy reasons this is not public in the case of a private Registrant, in such a case the complaint is submitted in two steps. In this case, the form below should also be completed, except for point 6. If your declarations sent under point 7 are accepted, we will send you the name of the Registrant and you can then submit your complaint. 

In the case of a legal person Complainee please lodge your complaint here.

Further detailed information about the procedure of the Registration Decision Maker is here.

If you wish to initiate a complaint about one or more registered domain names, please complete the form below. A fee request will be sent to the e-mail address you provide as soon as possible after the complaint is received. In the case of positive assessment of your declarations submitted, we will send you the name of the domain user and you will then be able to submit your complaint.

The language of the Procedures

The language of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum is Hungarian, and submissions to the proceedings by any party can only be made in Hungarian.  

If an annex is in a foreign language, a simple translation must also be attached – failure to do so may result in the evidence being disregarded.

Completion of fields marked with * are mandatory.

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