The Domain Registration Policy stipulates that the domain applicant or the registrant must ensure that the technical requirements for the functionality of the domain are met when submitting the application for domain delegation and thereafter during the maintenance of the delegation.

At the registrars, the domain registration and maintenance service typically includes the provision of name servers, so applicants do not necessarily have to deal with this themselves. At the same time, an applicant can, of course, provide their own name servers.

Specific technical requirements

  1. At least two domain name servers with a permanent IPv4 or IPv6 connection from the Internet must be available and operational at all times, responding authentically to DNS queries at TCP and UDP 53 ports for that domain.
  2. There must be at least two domain name servers with independent permanent Internet network access over IPv4 protocol.
  3. The SOA record for a given domain zone should be syntactically correct.

The correct operation of the name servers can be checked here.

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