The lodging of a complaint must be preceded by the indication of a complaint. If you have not yet indicated a complaint, please do so here (You have 8 days from the date of the publication of the domain name conditionally put into use by the Registry to lodge a complaint).  

If you would like to lodge a complaint, please fill in the form below and kindly transfer the fee indicated in our notice as follows:

Beneficiary: Internet Szolgáltatók Tanácsa

Bank account number: 10700299-70387423-51200002

Comment field: the registration number from our confirmation letter and the domain name

The procedural fee will be handled by ADRF as deposit and reimbursed to the winning party at the end. ADRF will also send an invoice to the losing party. 

Please note that the deadline for submitting the form and paying the fee is the 14th day after the domain name is published. Please note that if the procedural fee is not paid by the deadline, the procedure will be closed. Once the deadline has expired, the domain name will be automatically registered for the domain applicant.

The language of the Procedures

The language of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum is Hungarian, and submissions to the proceedings by any party can only be made in Hungarian.  

If an annex is in a foreign language, a simple translation must also be attached – failure to do so may result in the evidence being disregarded.

Completion of fields marked with * are mandatory.

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