Names protected under all public domains

ac email info nom sport
arpa e-mail internet ns tm
biz firm iskola nui web
co ftp mail org www
com gov mx pp  
dns ind net priv  

Further names, protected only under .hu  

Information on the protected names and on their delegation

Protected names are special names which can not be registered freely as domain names. Some of these names are protected not only under the .hu TLD (e.g., but also under the secondary level public domains (e.g., or can not be registered)

Some of these protected names can not be registered at all while others are reserved for special cases and can be used in certain circumstances. For example some of them became secondary level public domains (e.g.,, Another case was the delegation of to the Hungarian government which was consistent with the international usage. The secondary level public domain was set up following international recommendations, although it never became popular.

The second group of names is protected only directly under the .hu TLD.