Technical check

You may check the DNS configuration of a .hu domain here. The check is performed by the script that is run at the actual registration process of .hu domains. This check is run from our server at the following IP address: The script attempts to download the zone file in question. If this is not successful (e.g., zone transfer is forbidden) an informational (I) message is generated.

The script also attempts to make an SMTP connection for the purpose of checking the email address defined in the SOA record, and if an MX record is present postmaster@domain-to-be-checked is verified as well. If this is not successful, an error is generated (error codes M-SOAM or M-PMAE).

The same script is run for checking compliance with the registration rules. In case of errors (E), the registration of the domain or the change of the name servers of a registered domain, respectively, will not continue, warnings (W), however, will not delay the process.

Please note that your configuration should comply with the registration requirements
Some hints:

  • Make sure that there are at least two name servers for the domain
  • Make sure that two of them are on different networks
  • Make sure that the mail address in the SOA record is a real e-mail address
  • If the domain has an MX record, make sure that postmaster@domain is a real e-mail address.

The script's messages have the following structure:


M-PADD -I- [] primary NS addr:

The 'weight' can have the following values:

  •  I  Information. Not an error.
  •  W  Warning. No fatal error.
  •  E  Error. The domain cannot be registered.
  •  S  Success. The domain can be registered.

Domain to be checked:

Name server (optional) :

    DNSSEC           Timestamp on messages


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