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Dear User, Read before using the Conditions of use and use the search function only if you accept the conditions.

Official domain information can be obtained from the Registrars according to the official database. Data to be retrieved here are updated every 24 hours according to the authentic database. No liability shall be assumed by the service provider for any deviation between the authentic database and the data retrievable here whether due to updating or any technical hitch. Data may be retrieved from the database (Registration id: 445-0001) only in order to eliminate technical problems relating to domain registered under the .hu ccTLD or for the purpose of contacting the person responsible for the use of the domain in order to enforce the lawful interests relating to the domains registered or the use thereof.


Using this page you can send e-mail to the administrative contact of the selected domain.

There is no guarantee that the e-mail will be delivered or that somebody will reply to the e-mail.

Please provide a valid e-mail address for the reply and try to formulate your message in a comprehensible and concise way.

For privacy resons the registry does not wish to be copied in any further correspondance, please act accordingly.

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