Application Form for applying for delegation of an Internet domain under .hu public domains
(Columns to be filled in on a mandatory basis are in bold letters)

The English translation of the Domain Registration Rules and Procedures and the Application Form is for reference ONLY and by signing this form the Domain Applicant acknowedges that in case of any dispute the Hungarian official versions of the documents are the legally binding ones.

Domain name(s) chosen by the Applicant:

(A list of names can be attached on a signed separate sheet).

[ ] New application     [ ] Amendment? Reason: _________________

Under which public domain do you ask for the delegation?

[ ] .hu domain      [ ] second level public domain: _________________

Identification data of Domain Applicant (tax number of the entity (or for the lack thereof the registration number) or the personal (identity card) number of private individual:

Legal Status of Domain Applicant:

Full name of Domain Applicant (in Hungarian):

Name in English (if not a private person):

Postal address of Domain Applicant:

Telephone number:

Telefax number:

e-mail address:

Administrative contact designated by the Domain Applicant (if other than Domain Applicant)


postal address:

telephone number:

telefax number:

e-mail address:

I declare that

  • I am familiar with, accept and shall comply with the Domain Registration Rules and Procedures in force any time;
  • I shall accept the decisions of the Registry and the Registrar in issues relating to the application for, delegation and maintenance of the domain;
  • I acknowledge that in case of disputes relating to the conformity of the applications to the Domain Registration Rules and Procedures the Registrar and the Registry will submit themselves to the decision of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum moreover neither the Registrar nor the Registry are responsible for the implementation of decision brought during the alternative dispute resolution;
  • I guarantee that I have completed this Application Form with real data. I accept that the delegation of the domain is to be revoked in case the data provided are false or I fail to notify the Registrar about changes in data;
  • I have read the application form in its entirety and and signed it approvingly.


Name of the representative of the Domain Applicant:

              Due signature

Name of the Registrar taking over the application, date of receipt and the signature of the Registrar:

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